How To Choose A Bathroom Fixture

All the things you need to consider when choosing the main bathroom fixtures: bathtub, shower, sink, faucet, and toilet.

poly b plumbing pipes

Polybutylene or Poly B plastic pipes were popular from the early 80’s to the mid 90’s. there are over 700,000 homes in Canada with poly-B plumbing.

burst water pipe

Water pipes can burst during other seasons as well, but freezing temperatures are usually the main reason this occurs. Read on to see 4 tips to prevent it from happening.

plumber girl working with valves

Drain tile is a system of pipes that keep water away from your home. Read on to see how it can keep your property safe from flooding.

how to improve drainage around your home

When a drainage system isn’t properly installed, there are regular floods on the property. Learn how to avoid that in today’s blog post.

pvc pipes plumbers use

Most industries are progressing with time, thanks to innovations in technology and new understanding of how things work. Plumbing is no exception. Plumbing pipes are a great example of how this system evolved.

How Drain Cleaning Ensures Longer Drain Lifespans

Soap, shaving cream, toothpaste, makeup, eggshells, flour – all of these things have a tendency to build up over time in drains, so dealing with clogged drains and pipes is, unfortunately, a common experience. Let’s see what you can do about it.

water leak

There comes a time in the life of almost every homeowner to discover a water leak in their home. Whether it’s an obvious dripping from a pipe, water stains on the ceiling, or strange noises that sound like water running behind walls – it’s most probably a plumbing emergency.

drainage systems & pipes

Modern urban societies can’t rely only on natural drainage, so drainage systems are installed everywhere in the world where there are livable and/or arable spaces. Cities usually have their complex network of pipes and other infrastructure that make up a city drainage system, but each property owner can also install their own, improved drainage system for their home.

How To Choose A Bathroom Fixture

Garburators have become a common part of life in many Vancouver homes, so much so that the question of whether they’re really necessary probably doesn’t come up all that often. While they do represent convenience and serve as a valid utility, they have their pros and cons. At Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing, a plumber in West Vancouver from our team can provide some insight into how these home appliances work.