The Importance of a Thorough Drain Inspection

There's always a chance that a plumber may take a shot in the dark and guess your problem. While they may have the experience to guess right, the issue with this approach is that guessing right isn't always a guarantee. For the most effective solution to your problem, you're going to need a drain inspection. Even if you don't mind guesswork, you'd be cheating yourself out of the highest quality service possible. Consider the reasons why you'll want a pipe inspection in Vancouver BC from Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing

Eliminates Guessing

Guessing, speculating, and theorizing can be worrisome as a homeowner since you never know if the "most likely" problem will end up being the correct problem until after you finish and pay for the job. By inspecting your drain pipes with a camera, however, you learn the exact condition of your pipes and the precise location of the issue or issues. Cameras will find problems like debris buildup, corrosion deposits, tree root clumps, and other obstructions. When we can identify the problem precisely, we'll know the best method for fixing your pipes' issues.

Catches Small Problems

Sometimes your drain pipes have problems that aren't immediately visible to you. By the time they are visible, this may mean that it's too late and that you may need to replace your pipes entirely. With a proper sewer inspection, we're able to inform you whether your pipes genuinely do need replacing or whether repairs will fix the issues as well as what types of repairs will do the job. Drain inspections allow you to catch the small problems before they become so big that it causes an emergency, letting you get more lifespan out of your pipes.

Reveals Unexpected Issues

With a camera plumbing inspection, you may end up finding issues that you didn't even think might be a problem. For example, you may end up finding that your drain lines are clogged with change or lost jewelry or even toys your children have flushed down the toilet out of curiosity. Not everything always reaches the central sewer system or your septic tank, so you may be surprised to find out that your clogs happened due to your treasures and personal possessions that you may have believed were long lost.

Call A Professional

Not every plumber has the right equipment to perform a pipe inspection and not every plumber will suggest it. A thorough drain inspection is crucial to receiving the correct type of plumbing services, however, saving you money on fixing enormous issues when another plumber identifies and "repairs" the wrong problem. At our company, we have the technology to determine the exact nature of your pipelines and suggest the correct services for you.

We offer quality sewer camera inspection services in Vancouver BC because we believe in getting things right the first time. If you're experiencing any issues with your pipes, give Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing a call today, and we'll perform the most efficient services to save you the time and money that comes with guesswork and uncertainty.

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