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Sewer Repair Services in Vancouver, BC

Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing Inc. has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. That’s because we provide outstanding customer service, high-quality plumbing solutions, and reliable results. If your Vancouver home is experiencing issues with a clogged or damaged sewer main, we can help. We provide a wide range of versatile, professional sewer repair solutions that can dependably get your drainage system back up and running. 

Sewer Camera Inspections

Accurately diagnosing the problem inside your Vancouver, BC sewer pipes always begins with an in-depth sewer camera inspection. Our highly trained plumbing technicians can carefully maneuver the state-of-the-art camera into your sewer pipes through a small access point. As the waterproof camera makes its way through your pipes, it can transmit footage up to our monitors. We can analyze the footage and determine the condition of your pipes, pinpoint what kind of debris is blocking your pipes, and hone in on the specific location that needs sewer repair in Downtown Vancouver, BC.

Sewer Augers and Hydro Jetting

The sewer camera footage can help us customize the best sewer repair solution for your pipes, but before repairs can begin, we have to prepare your pipeline. That means removing the invading tree roots, clogs, corrosion, and other buildups that are causing the problem. Based on our findings in the camera inspection, we can utilize hydro jetting or an auger to free the debris from your pipeline.

Hydro jetting is a popular drain cleaning method for pipes that are manufactured from newer, more durable materials. When using hydro-jetting, we can send a flexible hose and attached nozzle into your pipe through the camera inspection access hole. Our professional plumbers can control the hose as the nozzle rotates and scours your pipeline interior with highly pressurized, clean water. The water can flush out the debris, clear your pipe of mineral deposits and obstructions, and restore the full diameter of your sewer main.

Another drain cleaning option is our professional auger. An auger is best utilized in older, weaker pipes that may not be able to withstand the pressure of the hydro jetting water. Our friendly experts can carefully insert the auger into your pipes, snag severe clogs and debris, and remove them through your drain.

Sewer Repair Excavation in Vancouver, BC

Once your sewer pipes are clean, we can begin the sewer repair process. Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing Inc. uses strategic excavation to dig down and repair your damaged sewer main. We can carefully excavate your Vancouver property, remove the deteriorated section of pipe, replace it with a new pipe, and install a new two-way cleanout access system for future cleaning, before filling in all the dirt. Then, our heavy machinery operators and expert excavation professionals can level off the dirt and leave you with a fully functioning sewer system. Throughout the excavation process, we’ll treat your property with respect and clean everything up to our best abilities. Our customers’ satisfaction is important to us, and we’ll work diligently to keep your property and your pipeline protected. 

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Sewer Repair Services

Our sewer repair services are reliable and effective. We service Vancouver and the surrounding areas. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing Inc. a call or contact us online.

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