Importance of Bathroom Drain Maintenance

Having issues with your bathroom's clogged drain in North Vancouver? You will want to get it checked out. At Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing, we offer the best in drain care and maintenance so your bathroom drains can flow quickly and efficiently. We do not use solvents, chemicals or other drain clearing liquids. We only use conventional and effective drain cleaning machines. 

Understanding Drain Maintenance

Many homeowners wait until they notice signs of problems with their drains, rather than taking a proactive approach before calling for help. While you should always contact a drain cleaning company at the first sign of impending danger to your plumbing system, there are ways in which you can avoid these situations entirely.

One of the best ways to keep drains clear is to seek professional drain cleaning in North Vancouver, annually from Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing. By doing so, you are allowing our professionals to clear any dirt, debris, and blockages before they become major problems.

Another great way to keep drains clog-free is by watching what you allow to flow down your drain. Purchasing a hair catcher, or simply watching the types of products you use, can be of great help. There are many soaps and shampoos that may do more harm than good, especially if they contain certain oils that will end up hardening in your pipes. When you notice these products causing issues, try switching them out for something else and contact us for drain cleaning services in North Vancouver, to address the problem right away. 

Have Our Team Check Your Drains

Many products such as gels and powders in North Vancouver are available in many supermarkets and are being marketed as safe. The truth is, however, that you should always consult a professional instead of utilizing pipe cleaners sold on the market, as these products often cause corrosion and have other damaging effects to your piping system. In addition, they can cause damage to clothing and skin irritation. Read the label carefully. We have seen over time, something as simple as drain cleaning liquid that has corroded drain lines, resulting in more damage. 

Looking for a plumber in North Vancouver to handle your blocked drain needs? At Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing, we strive to earn your business by offering high-quality service for your every plumbing need. Give us a call today or fill out the form on this site to schedule an appointment.

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