Signs Your Fixtures Weren’t Properly Installed

You go to get a drink of water but when you turn on the faucet, what you see is nothing you would ever drink. Or, maybe you step into the shower after a long day only to find that there is not much water pressure. If you've experienced either of these situations, your plumbing fixtures may be the cause. You’d think that having faulty plumbing fixtures is due to something like age or a clog. However, it’s also possible that they weren’t installed correctly. 

Here are signs that your plumbing fixtures weren’t properly installed and how a plumber in Vancouver can assist you.

They Are Inefficient

When your plumbing system is not working properly, it won't take long to find out. An inefficient plumbing system can take on many forms. From having low water pressure to a slow drain, both situations are clear indicators of an issue. In fact, these could be signs that your plumbing fixtures weren’t installed correctly. While there are other causes of plumbing woes, you’ll need to contact our trusted plumbing company in Vancouver to find out definitely.

The Pipes Are Leaking

This plumbing problem can do a lot of damage before it's noticed. When a pipe starts leaking, it’s not always noticeable. However, over time, the wall that houses the plumbing may develop wet stains. You might notice a dripping noise coming from the wall. Since the pipes are behind the walls, if you suspect, your pipe is about to burst or there is a slow leak, consult our team for plumbing services in Vancouver immediately.

Poorly installed plumbing fixtures can cause a lot of unnecessary issues down the road. If your plumbing system has been going haywire recently, this may very well be the case. Contact Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing for quality plumbing repairs in Vancouver today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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