Common Kitchen Plumbing Fixture Issues

A snag in your kitchen’s plumbing system is bound to cause trouble. Even seemingly minor problems, like a leaking faucet, can become a big headache. Here’s an overview of the most common kitchen plumbing repairs we attend to at Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing.

Grease Clogs

If you tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter a grease clog at some point. Grease that clings to dirty dishes can easily cause a blockage. Although some homeowners attempt to fix the problem by using chemical drain cleaners, the safest and most effective approach is to call our plumbing company in Vancouver, BC.

Faucet Drips

Some people have a bad habit of overlooking faucet drips. However, this plumbing issue can waste hundreds of gallons of water per year. A plumber from Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing can effectively repair the faucet, thus saving you from an expensive water bill.

Fridge Water Line Malfunction

A fridge water line malfunction can create a big mess. Line clogs are especially common. If the line builds up too much pressure, it could suddenly burst. A kitchen flood then becomes a real possibility. To prevent costly damage to your home, you’ll need to seek our help for emergency plumbing.

Dishwasher Drain Issues

A dishwasher makes cleanup a lot easier. Unfortunately, incorrect installation techniques often lead to drain issues. This is why it’s important to contact our team for professional plumbing services.

Leaks Under the Sink

Not only do leaks under the kitchen sink cause water damage, but they also promote the growth of mold. When living with mold, your family is more likely to become sick.
When encountering kitchen plumbing fixtures, be sure to contact Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing. Our experienced technicians can make the necessary repairs. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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