Clogged Drains Can Cause Serious Problems in Your Home

If you live in Vancouver BC or the surrounding area and have a clogged drain, you need a plumber in Vancouver, BC from Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing immediately. Our professional drain cleaning company has many methods for cleaning out your drains and removing all the things that may cause them to get blocked. Slowly draining water is only one problem of clogged drains. If the blockage causes a leak, you could get flooding that results in water damage inside your home where toxic mold will start to grow.

Even clean water becomes toxic after 48 hours. It can seep into your walls, floors, and ceilings when a drain is blocked and overflowing. Drain cleaning in Vancouver BC provides sewer inspection services as well as regular check-ups of your whole plumbing system to help prevent expensive repairs. We can detect moisture in your walls and our expert technicians know how to make your house safe again.

Causes of Blocked Drains

  • Drains may get clogged by tree roots or rubber duckies. Yes, many toilets get clogged by toys flushed by young children. Other causes of blocked drains are:
  • Hair mixed with soap and oil is one of the most common causes of blocked drains. The soap contains fat that mixes with minerals in the water and gobs of hair.
  • Dirt and mud on your clothing and boots can build-up inside your drains. It’s better to rinse off most of the dirt and mud before putting them in the washing machine.
  • Food waste that makes it down your drain gets mixed with cooking oil to form a very hard block. This type of block can only be removed by our drain cleaning company. Harsh chemicals can damage your pipes that can require major repairs in the future.
  • Toilet paper, sanitary supplies and disposable diapers will all cause your toilet to overflow. If the block is weak, a plunger may remove it, but if it is solid, only drain snaking may open the sewer lines.
  • Tree roots can start to grow inside your pipes through the tiniest leak. They naturally seek moisture and once they are inside your pipes, they quickly grow large and sometimes fill the pipe. Our drain cleaning services in Vancouver BC can remove all the roots and fix the leak with our rooter process.
  • Mineral build-up can happen without your knowledge. The natural minerals in the water adhere to the sides of the pipe and grow until they practically close the pipe.

Remedies for Removing Blockage

Red Seal Drainage & Plumbing offers several types of drainage services to handle all types of blockages. We can clean your sewage pipes to keep them functioning properly and inspect them regularly, so you never have a backed-up toilet. We will either repair or replace sewer pipes. Our drain cleaning solutions are eco-friendly. We have the tools and safe chemicals to clean any type of block. We also examine and repair sump pumps in your basement to ensure you don’t have flooding.

Don’t stand there and watch the water slowly drain from the sink, shower or tub. Call us now for our range of drain cleaning services in Vancouver BC and nearby areas the minute you have the symptoms of a blocked drain.

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